Diving & Snorkeling

The North of Bali is a very popular diving destination with many high-quality PADI certified diving centres. We generally recommend Spice Dive.

Some of the diving attractions include:

Tulamben U.S.S. Liberty shipwreck

Dive this fascinating WO II Shipwreck. Torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942, this completely coral-covered wreck offers many swim-throughs. Surrounded by thousands of fish it is suitable for all diver levels and snorkelers. It is regarded as “probably the best dive site in the world” (The Independent). There are many other world-class dive sites in the Tulamben area.














Menjangan Island national Marine Park

Menjangan Island boasts beautiful reefs that plunge straight down into clear blue waters. Fantastic corals, millions of multi colored tropical fish, rays, turtles, and sharks can be found here. There are at least 8 different dive sites around the island; you can dive here for days. For all diver levels and a great place to snorkel or even just hang out on the white sandy beaches. 













Lovina Reef

Unfortunately, mostly by people who never dove it, Lovina Reef is not regarded as an interesting dive site. However, it has some interesting newly formed corals and even a small wooden shipwreck. And lots of fish! Lovina Reef is better at greater depths and therefore a good place for deep divers. But for beginners (and snorkelers) there is plenty to explore at shallower depths in a very easy and safe environment. The location is conveniently close by so there is no need for long car trips.













Amed is considered as one of the best dive sites on Bali. Unfortunately it lost a lot of corals due to the El Niño effects in 1997. But since than the reef has quickly recovered. It’s definitely worth diving here, especially to see the bigger fish and great drop-offs. It takes a boat ride from Amed Beach to reach the better dive sites.

Night diving

Night diving is maybe the reason why many divers dive here. It may sound a bit scary but it is actually very relaxing. Night dives are the best on Tulamben and at the Lovina Reef. Switch on your torch, stay close to your buddy, and experience the magnificent tropical marine nightlife.

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